Tool adds library to Spotify

Prog/metal legends TOOL have gone and done it – they’ve added their music to Spotify (and other streaming services). Streaming music does have its downsides, but at least now we don’t have to dig out our CDs or old PCs with .mp3s. Tool have always been anti-streaming, instead... Read More

Featured track: “I Dream Guillotine” by IDLES

IDLES are a band I’m just starting to get into, but I already feel that they’re gonna feature in my music library quite a bit. They’re intense, but not in a “heavy rock” sense. As in: there’s no screaming – hell, the vocals are only half-shouted, not full... Read More

Featured track: “Second Twin” by Femur

FEMUR’s new single “Second Twin” is Grave Reviews’ latest featured track. Second Twin is menacing, dangerous. It’s a dark grunge groove. I feel that FEMUR have proudly perfected their distorted sound with this song, and in doing so have brought something fresh and cool to the Sheffield scene.... Read More