Atrophy Wife debut with new song “Ephemera”

Atrophy Wife

Atrophy Wife is the name of the new outfit from Piper Moreau (read about Moreau’s EP “Middle Class Iconoclast” here) and Colin of Paper Truth, a transatlantic duo that specialise in music of the more saturnine persuasion. In anticipation of a full length album, Atrophy Wife have released their first song entitled “Ephemera”. To get a good feeling of the track, lets take a quick trip to the dictionary:

ephemeranoun. Items designed to be useful or important for only a short time.

The song deals with the nature of living when you’d like to escape, when permanence begins to feel inconvenient. “Ephemera” has a homemade alt-rock sound, both musicians putting a lot of emotion into their respective lyrics whilst at the same time giving the impression that they’d rather be indifferent to it all. It’s an amalgamation of both musicians’ previous work: the clever and brutally honest lyrics are much akin to Middle Class Iconoclast by Piper Moreau, and the song has a good feel of the hard rock sensibilities and fuzzy guitar from Paper Truth.

You can listen to Atrophy Wife’s “Ephemera” below, and the track is also available for download. More music is on its way on their bandcamp page (Atrophy Wife bandcamp page can be found via this link), so don’t forget to check there too.