Brody Dalle, London Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, 24.02.13

Brody Dalle returns to the UK to play an intimate show ahead of the release of her new album


It’s the long awaited return of Brody Dalle to the UK shores, and it was explosive. Brody and co (including ex Distillers band mate Tony  Bevilacqua) appeared on stage late, 45 mins after the dire support band (they had a violinist, a guitarist whose guitar sounded like a violin and an acoustic guitar you couldn’t hear, all punctuated by a singer who was making noises akin to constipated rapping). The band started with “Die on a Rope”, much to the joy of the punks and Distillers-nostalgics in the audience, this song sounded much more explosive live than it ever did listening to it on an mp3, that’s for sure. It’s hard to say if it was entirely down to atmosphere – Dalle herself seemed to be putting a lot of energy and aggression into every ruthless strum of the guitar.

The crowd were whipped up into a frenzy for “Dismantle Me” and the Spinnerette songs included gelled really well with the more punk sounds of the Distillers which was a nice surprise. What was disappointing was the new song that Brody is releasing under her own name (on the album “Diploid Love” which is out in late April) called “Meet The Foetus/Oh the Joy”, it sounded a bit flat compared to other songs and was easily forgotten amongst the hype and energy of “Sick of It All” and “Don’t Mess with Me”.

There was little band-to-audience interaction, but hey, they’re here to play a show, not to be our best friends. Any comments were kept short, at one point Dalle compares the temporarily quiet London crowd to the typical audience in Japan, but how long can an audience cheer for when there is a slight technical hitch or guitar swap between songs? Some fans may have been left disappointed at the lack of interaction, but Dalle did launch herself into the milling throng below her for a short crowd-surf during “Ghetto Love” which seemed to quench the thirst of those eager to be closer to their idol.

Brody Dalle is set to return to the UK in April, for tour dates and info on her new album click here.