The King of Kalifornia by These Immortal Souls

These Immortal souls, "I'm Never Gonna Die Again" (1992)

“The King of Kalifornia”
I’m Never Gonna Die Again (1992) / These Immortal Souls
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“The King of Kalifornia” by These Immortal Souls sees Rowland Howard take up that role he always wanted: a frontperson – but not just a puppet, someone in charge of their own ideas. Although Howard isn’t the best of singers, on this track he delivers an imperfect vocal that is full of his own brand of arrogance to accompany words tinged with a sense of self deprecation:

“You must allow me my significance” – “I’m never gonna die again / I am the spreading stain”

With the dark subject matter of their lyrics, and showers of tinkling electric organ, These Immortal Souls were the epitome of late ’80s/early ’90s gothic-edged post-punk: “The King of Kalifornia” sees the band in full anguish and despair, every sound a put-down.