Featured Track – Wish Fulfillment by Sonic Youth

Wish Fulfillment by Sonic Youth

Released 1992, on the album “Dirty” (DGC records)

Actually, it seems Sonic Youth never really fit in that subgenre as they were much more of a noise rock band, and more experimental, than the likes of Mudhoney or Screaming Trees, and their lyrics were at times more controversial than Nirvana (if wanting women to be treated as humans can count as controversy). Their music in the early 90s did have a lot of grit to it: the songs were outspoken and loud – they were as punk as the 90s ever got.It’s only recently that I’ve started to listen to Sonic Youth properly (there was a time at age 14 when I only had one song of theirs: the signature “100%”, that I still love today), and as I made my way through the albums recommended to me it was clear to see just why everyone puts them under the “Grunge” label, with the fuzzy guitar sound and similar lyrical themes.

As I made my way through their 1992 release “Dirty”, I was drawn in by the song “Wish Fulfillment”. It stood out from the rest of the album, seeming less about attitude and more about some emotion I am yet to recognise. It has a dichotomy of happy and sad in there, the lyrics are equivocal in that sense.

Title: Wish Fulfillment
Artist: Sonic Youth
Album: Dirty
Band: Lee Ranaldo (vocals, guitar), Thurston Moore (guitar), Kim Gordon (bass), Steve Shelly (drums).