FVNERALS “The Light” – Album Review

FVNERALS' 'The Light'

The Light (2014) / FVNERALS

Brighton may be known as the epitome of the iconic British seaside town – beaches, a cold sea, ice cream cones, historical buildings – so you may be surprised to hear of its growing music scene, in recent years producing popular artists such as Royal Blood and The Wytches. A part of this expanding scene is FVNERALS who have recently released a new album, “The Light”.

Judging from the artwork alone, you can tell the “The Light” isn’t going to live up to the images associated with its name. The album is swathed in black and from the opening of the first track, “Oath”, you get a stark impression of FVNERALS’ music: a sparse soundscape, minimalist with just enough left to keep your attention – no frills, just tightly honed music. “Vakna” is darkly captivating; perfectly composed in a way that leaves you feeling wrapped in complete sorrow.  The vocals are enchanting, like slipping into a heroin-rapture, with an echo-reverb that makes each song almost ethereal.

“Shine” and “Tiga” are the standout tracks of this album: they slowly wind you down into a dizzying postrock dream land with a peaceful yet ominous drone. The Light is hauntingly ambient and it will leave any listener thoroughly convinced that FVNERALS are experts in Darkness (with a capital ‘d’).

More information can be found on FVNERALS’ Facebook page and official website. To listen to The Light, check out the band’s Bandcamp page here.