Ginger Wildheart, Manchester Club Academy, 02.06.12

The first act of the night was the not very well known Baby Godzilla. First impressions had them as a “regular” bunch of guys – but that was before the music started. Well, “exploded into life” is perhaps a better term. So, the music exploded into life and various band members took to ditching the stage and going just a bit mad amongst the small audience, and when I say “just a bit mad” I mean insane: hopscotching over upturned equipment they’d dragged from the stage onto the floor, dancing chaotically around a megaphone or throwing guitars about inside the circle of audience members. I suppose they would’ve been your run-of-the-mill noisy band if they hadn’t been on a mini rampage (a baby godzilla sized one, right?), but because of this they really stick out from the masses of other bands out there.

Next up was the Guns. Their whole demenour was a bit aggressive, with tonnes and tonnes of swearing and too much spitting. The music its self was pretty good but not good enough to disguise the bad attitude of this band.

But on to the main act of the night: Ginger Wildheart (and band). The set starts with “Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow” – one of the best tracks from the pledge project “555%”. Nearly everyone in the room had paid towards 555% (plenty were sporting “I pledged” tshirts), so you could feel the excitement at hearing one of the songs live. It didn’t have the same kick as the recording (perhaps due to some technical issues), but the groove of that song (aswell as the bit of craziness in there) definitely made for a great opener.

The setlist was a good mix of much of Ginger’s work including The Wildhearts (from classics such as “Do the Channel Bop” to the more modern “Mazel Tov Cocktail”), Silver Ginger 5 (“Anyway but Maybe”, “Girls are Better than Boys”) and choice picks from the 555% album (“Confusion”, “Taste Aversion”, “Very Very Slow”) – a mixture sure to please both the diehards and the newer fans who were packed into the small Manchester Club Academy that night. It’s shows like this (and plenty more) that just show Ginger’s success and development over the years: for the encore, Ginger began playing “Just Another Song About Someone” alone onstage, which is something he has said in the past he’d hate to do.

So, the weather may have been terrible, there may have been a tribute band playing in a bigger room at the same venue, there may have been a few sound issues, but the ‘witty banter’, great music and alcohol were flowing freely – and you can’t go wrong with that mixture.