Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind EP Launch Party, Hoxton Square, 30.06.15

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind launch their upcoming debut release, “Boil Yer Blood”, at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Jim Jones and the Righteous MindJim Jones and the Righteous Mind is the new venture of Jim Jones and Gavin Jay, both formerly of the Jim Jones Revue. Their new music is markedly different to the Jim Jones Revue: whereas the ‘Revue was a lion roaring and striding about the kingdom, Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind is more like a jaguar, slinking through the dappled light of the jungle.

After a not-so low key tour through France, the Righteous Mind made their UK debut at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London at a conversely simpler affair. Their set starts off with Jones in his best commanding voice, imploring “I wanna know where you slept last night!” (for “Aldecide”), the room suitably dark to match the atmosphere of the song. The audience were wrapped up in the tension straight away, eager to see what else would be brought to the table. The Righteous Mind’s music is broad, with elements from gospel to country to lounge, with bright slide guitar, bold call-and-response arrangements and twinkling piano.

The Righteous Mind play a whole section dedicated to a selection of songs that are both smooth and shadowy, including “Shallow Grave” and “1000 Miles from the Sure” (a song that captures the arcane perfectly). This section sees Jones sitting down for a few songs and Gavin Jay swaps his bass guitar for an upright bass and a bow. Jones swaps his signature shout for a gentler and higher register, giving the impression that this music is to be treated with care, to be given your full attention.

As the theme of the evening seems to be “mixing it up”, it’s soon time to launch into the upbeat stuff, namely the band’s lead single “Boil Yer Blood”. Boil Yer Blood has a bedraggled swagger, both suggestive and intimidating at the same time. It’s somewhere between the Stooges’ “1970” and Grinderman’s “Get It On”, and (alongside “Dream” with its full on groove) all your boxes should be ticked if you’re looking for some ‘straight-up rock’n’roll’.

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind’s debut in the UK was subtle, their music is of the kind that makes you think – it’s hard to accurately predict where each song will take you next. This is definitely a band you need to add to your “bands to watch list”. Presently, the Boil Yer Blood EP is yet to be released, with no date confirmed so far [as I write this, on the 4th July], but you can listen to a clip of the song in the video at the end of this article.

Visit the official website for Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind here, or check out the band’s Bandcamp shop here.

Note: some, or all, song names may be incorrect. As the EP hasn’t been released yet there is no 100% accurate way to match a song to a title at the moment.