Piper Moreau & “Middle Class Iconoclast”

Piper Moreau Middle Class Iconoclast

Piper Moreau is a solo artist from Michigan, USA. Moreau has recently released her second EP, entitled “Middle Class Iconoclast”, a minimal but strong DIY recording.

Middle Class Iconoclast starts off with “Fear and Fuckall”: futuristic synths count out the beats below distorted and distressed vocals. Moreau’s voice carries quite a bit of power, leaving no real gaps even with so little instrumentation on the track. The lyrics are stark and bleak, setting the whole tone for the EP: “if i wanted to die I would have done it already, but I guess the same goes for life”.

“Splitter” carries a tonne of angst, an “I hate you, but I’m also not too bothered” attitude. In 1 minute 38 seconds Moreau cuts straight to the point, forever efficient and minimalist. The title track carries a similar emotion, chastising those who attack the ideas of others with only their own image in mind and their attempts at appearing rebellious: “I could save the world in a weekend if I only had the time“.

Middle Class Iconoclast finishes with a cover of Einsturzende Neubauten’s “Sabrina”. Piper Moreau has cast a new shadow on the popular Neubauten song (as opposed to casting new light), adding her own brand of despair, the keyboard gently humming out a range of chords behind her fragile voice. This song brings the EP to a poignant end; the music fades out, leaving the vocals standing alone in reflection.

Middle Class Iconoclast is a great example of why we all need more DIY albums. Experimentation of this sort is growing increasingly rare in a post-record label world where musical diversity should be the norm, but instead the music industry is all about being “cool”.

Listen to Middle Class Iconoclast by Piper Moreau below:

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