Playlist: Songs for a Strange Summer

Grave Reviews' playlist: songs for a strange summer
Welcome to the first “playlist” from Grave Reviews. Here you will find songs selected for their unconventional summer sounds – those songs that just feel “right” on a sunny day, but . Summer doesn’t have to be all about parties, holidays and working on your suntan. Step out of the sunshine for a while and play along.

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – Conjure Man

Kid Congo is the king of swampy rock. Let the Conjure Man take you on a mystical trip.

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – Aldecide

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind are in full-on finger-pointing, take-no-quarter accusatory mode in the gruff and rough “Aldecide”, the epitome of strange summer songs.

John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey – Black Hearted Love

No one sings like PJ Harvey. Here she is with long time musical partner John Parish, belting out the beautiful but dangerous Black Hearted Love. Be transported.

Foo Fighters – Sister Europe

Yes, it’s “cool” to turn your nose up at the Foo Fighters, but let’s not forget that they have quite the collection of good songs in their catalogue. This is their cover of Psychedelic Furs’ “Sister Europe”. Why not pick the Furs’ version? Well, this one has more “body” to it (whatever that means, it works anyway). It’s a smooth throwback, the kind that’ll always be in fashion. It’s moody, it’s cool, it’s hip.

Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

A dark and poignant song from the Man in Black’s last years, the man in black takes us on a long and arduous walk through the death valley that is life.