Nervous Twitch & "This Modern World"

Nervous Twitch knows how to stand out from the crowd with “This Modern World”

Nervous TwitchLeeds is a city that has a thriving music scene, it’s perhaps the best place for gigs in the whole of Yorkshire. So if you’re a newly formed band, how do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Earlier this year, Nervous Twitch released an EP entitled “This Modern World”, and in four tracks they manage effortlessly to sound fresh and new.

The EP starts off with its title track, which sounds somewhere between early 80s ska and new wave. The song starts off with a solo bassline, and something as simple as that separates Nervous Twitch from a lot of other bands – the go-to main instrument for any rock band seems to be the guitar. What’s also interesting about the track “This Modern World” is how their retrospective-but-refreshed sound compliments lyrics detailing age-old troubles of normal life: there is possibly a deep social commentary in there somewhere.

“Baby I’m Bored” is a perfect protopunk/garage rock singalong. They’ve taken ‘lo-fi’, a genre where choruses were rare, and made it catchy. “You Ask Me Why” fits in the punk genre moreso than the rest of the EP, with its rapid verses and half-shouted vocal lines. The last track of the EP, “Stuck in the Mud”, is an instrumental. Usually a casual listener would probably turn their nose up at the idea of an instrumental, especially on such a short EP, but this song really works. It has a danceable rhythm, the main riff is quite playful. This isn’t a self-indulgent piece of music.

A digital version of “This Modern World” is available through the Nervous Twitch bandcamp page for only £2 – and that price it’ll be hard not to buy yourself a copy.

And if you like the sound of this EP, check out the new track “Other Side” which will be available on the 1st of November (on a pay-what-you-want basis) via their bandcamp profile.