The Jim Jones Revue – York Fibbers, 20.04.12

On the outskirts of central York lies Fibbers, crammed in underneath a Job Centre, the Duchess venue and a bunch of old flats. The loudest band in the history (and perhaps future) of rock’n’roll was in town – The Jim Jones Revue.

The night’s support was …And the Hangnails, a noisy rock duo of guitar and drums (seems a more common set-up for bands recently), and Welsh surf-rock group Y Niwl (“The Fog”)- Pipeline, anyone? Quite an interesting mix, especially consecutively, but the audience seemed to enjoy them nonetheless – a few people in attendance left after Y Niwl which is odd if you consider what they missed out on during the rest of the show.

By the time The Jim Jones Revue took the the stage, Fibbers was packed and pulsing a real excitement in the air. The band burst into the night’s first song“512” which really epitomises their brand of dirty blues rock’n’roll meets punk – thunderously loud but with a rhythm you can easily dance to.

The Jim Jones Revue played a varied setlist, from the crowd favourites such as“Burning Your House Down”, “Another Daze”, “Cement Mixer” and “Princess and the Frog”, a selection of new songs and some covers too. It was hard to catch the names of their new songs, but they included the dark “Chain Gang”,“Where’d the Money Go?” and “Seven Times Around the Sun” – the latter being a song unlike any Jim Jones Revue tune heard before: stripped back to percussion, a bit of piano and every band member doing a bit of singing.

The Jim Jones Revue really know how to get everyone on their feet and moving. There was plenty of crowd involvement, from just clapping to loud choruses of “fuck this shit” after a bit of preaching during an interlude in “Who’s Got Mine?” – the perfect remedy to days apparently. Who wants to just stand still at a show like this?

Just when you think you’re too tired, The Jim Jones Revue come back and do two encore sections of energising rock’n’roll. One of the encore songs was their reworked version of a unreleased Jeffrey Lee Pierce demo, “Ain’t My Problem Baby” (if you haven’t heard it look it up online!). If there’s one extra thing that The Jim Jones Revue are good at, it’s revamping old songs, such as “Big Hunk O’ Love”, the old Elvis classic. Their version has a lot more kick to it and Jim Jones possibly has just about as much confidence and presence as the King himself (but with fewer crazy girls in his audience) with a touch of Iggy Pop thrown in, right in the faces of the people at the front whilst somehow managing to avoid/ignore the annoying feedback buzz from the centre monitors that pierced every time he tried to more forward – the equipment at Fibbers just mustn’t have been up to such a loud band.

These guys are not a band to “lower the bar” – every show is great, guaranteed. So if you haven’t seen them yet, make sure you get down to one of their shows this autumn!