GRAVE REVIEWS logoGrave Reviews is a blog focusing on music reviews including album/EP reviews, artist spotlights (featured tracks), live reviews and more. Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England is home.

The website is updated by one person: Bex. I don’t get free albums, I write reviews of things that interest me or stuff that caught my eye(/ear). Trawling the web for new music can be a loathsome task, so let Grave Reviews do the hard work for you. You’ll hopefully find lots of new and interesting music here, free from click-bait and other annoying things.

Why the name Grave Reviews?

Well, it is a take on the phrase “rave reviews” – as in “our latest album has received rave reviews from all the top press”: this blog tries to be ‘grave’, to be honest, in what it posts to the web. With no affiliation or sponsorship I don’t have to promote certain artists over others, so if an album isn’t good then the review will reflect this. Simple, really.

Getting music or live shows reviewed

You can get in touch with Grave Reviews via the contact page here. Please take a look at some of the articles here before you send a request as this should help you get an idea of what to expect and the kind of music that Grave Reviews covers. All enquiries are welcome, although if you want a live review please keep it in/around Leeds or Sheffield. For review requests, include a link to your soundcloud / bandcamp / youtube / dropbox via the contact page.

What to do now

Well, you could start reading and discovering new music right now. Head on over to Grave Reviews’ Album Reviews or Live Reviews now, or get exploring via the search box to the top right.

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