Cross Wires release new EP “Interaction: Dislocation”

Cross Wires Interaction: Dislocation

Cross Wires “Interaction: Dislocation”, 2015

Cross Wires are a new wave and post-punk inspired band, homed in Bethnal Green in London. Their new EP, “Interaction: Dislocation” was out just days ago. From the first listen it’s a mix of old punk and new ‘indie’ rock, fast rhythm, scratchy guitars and thick accents. The songs are sad but energetic, particularly “Walking Wounded” – the perfect soundtrack to any boozy night out, howling down an alleyway, lamenting over an ex. Walking Wounded is an ear worm of a song, with its simple but interesting melody and easy chord changes.

“Last Days of Rome” is like a mix of Adam and the Ants (when they were a post punk band) and heaps of Echo and the Bunnymen – the “ahh”/”woop”s of the Bunnymen’s “Thorn of Crowns” must have been in the back of Cross Wires’ minds for this song. Post-punk swagger – a strange concept, but there is plenty in the Last Days of Rome here.

“Progress” is bitter, the guitar with a slight fuzz to it like the edges of imperfection themed throughout the lyrics: the losers of reality TV, haunters of social media. Little things that are certainly on a lot of peoples’ minds these days. The album ends with “Flesh”, taking a somewhat pessimistic view on how everyone is passionless and unromantic. The “oh-oh” that takes the chorus back into the verse almost feels like a shrug, like “that’s how it is”.

If you’re into modern post-punk that isn’t a clone of Joy Division in any way (let’s face it, a lot of post punk bands like Joy Division a little too much), has an apathetic attitude that’s easy to relate to and is energetic enough to keep you occupied and interested at a gig – then Cross Wires’ “Interaction: Dislocation” would be a great thing for you to look up on Bandcamp right about now.