Featured track: “I Dream Guillotine” by IDLES

IDLES are a band I’m just starting to get into, but I already feel that they’re gonna feature in my music library quite a bit. They’re intense, but not in a “heavy rock” sense. As in: there’s no screaming – hell, the vocals are only half-shouted, not full whack. They have strong punk attitude, but can actually play their instruments. They say country may be going to shit (if you don’t think it was shit already), but at least we get some good music out of it.

Like this song.

The song is “I Dream Guillotine”, the title of which is a bit Numan sci-fi esque in my mind. I Dream Guillotine is available as a b-side to “Mercedes Marxist” (like a champagne socialist??). Listen to it on Spotify below:

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