Saline: Support an independent artist on Patreon

Saline, UK/Australian musician, becomes a Patreon creator

About Patreon

Patreon is a website for both creators and consumers. The website was created by a musician, not a businessman and it allows creatives of all kinds to build their own content subscription service. Creators can sell their work through Patreon to fans who subscribe to different levels of access to content. With this option, fans can subscribe all the while knowing that they’re contributing even in the most laid-back of ways – you can set up a rolling payment every month and just not worry about it, knowing that the money you’re giving is going to help your favourite artists to create interesting stuff. You also don’t even need to subscribe – just purchase whatever album you want when it’s out.

“At Patreon, we believe that people who make great things should get paid for the value they give to the world.”

Patreon can be downloaded as an Android or iOS app so you can listen/read/browse no matter where you are. Artists and fans can stay in touch and up to date without getting lost in the chaos that you’d expect from a social media giant.

About Saline

So now you know what Patreon is about, let’s get on to an independent musician that is 100% worth supporting: Saline. Saline is a UK-expat in Brisbane, Australia, who creates music of all kinds, from shoegaze to goth to electronic video game music. Her music is DIY through-and-through, with Saline writing, singing, playing multiple instruments and handling all the programming/mixing side of things at the same time.

If you like things cool, you shall receive it in abundance: Saline has recorded and released all of the following in just 15 months:

  • 1 fifteen track solo album1
  • 3 original EPs1 | 2 | 3
  • 2 cover EPs1 | 2
  • 6 singles1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Saline is always creating music, and even so her music is never boring. With the help of her current Patreon supporters, she was able to record and release the new EP “Costs of Surviving Today” which is thoroughly political and thought provoking. If you’ve ever wanted to support an independent artist but never known where to start, this is a opportunity you won’t want to miss. Support subscriptions start from $1 (79p!). This level includes “A bi-monthly ‘next 4 months’ music release schedule” and 20% off voucher for each new release on Bandcamp. All levels of support include access to Patreon-exclusive blog posts from Saline talking about her recording progress, creative influences and about life in general (including cats). Get started on Patreon.

Useful links

Saline on Patreon
Saline on Bandcamp
Saline’s Tumblr – full of cover songs and other interesting things