Songs that hurt: Anna Calvi’s “Hunter”

Pain. Heartache. Anguish. Agony. Let’s talk about songs that hurt your heart, but in a good way. “Hunter” by Anna Calvi is one such song for me. It begins with heartbeats, breaths, before moving into full-on desire. But, that chorus… “Nothing lasts”. That’s the bit that rips my heart apart. It’s intense, it’s gut-wrenching.

Sadly I’ve found it’s very rare to hear such raw and true emotion in music, and personally, hearing it from another woman makes it that much more relatable and intimate. This has brought to mind all the times I’ve heard rock stars claim that pop music is about “stuff that was done to you”, and rock music is about “doing stuff to other people”. Like some sort of attempt at empowerment (whilst using any excuse to put down pop music and pop stars). But it never really resonated with me as a lot of women musicians I listen to would still fall into the “pop pigeonhole” in this analogy. Like, I’m sick of hearing about men going out and doing stuff to the world (“Be a Man” by Hole, comes to mind). But Hunter feels astronomically different. It’s like, “I’m here, in leather with flowers in my hair”.

“I’m tired of seeing women depicted as being hunted by men. In this song, I am the hunter. I go out into the world and see it as mine. I’m not simply responding to a man’s story. The song is about finding a safe place where this is welcomed and supported.”
Anna Calvi to Dazed

Listen to the song below!