Track of the Week – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Hiding All Away / Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus (2004) / Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 

Listen to the track here

nickcaveabbatoirbluesBehind “Nocturama”, “Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus” is probably Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds‘ most overlooked album. Abattoir isn’t the greatest Bad Seeds album ever, but it is sadly underappreciated, and there need be no further proof than the track “Hiding All Away” which sees Cave narrating the story from the viewpoint of God, who seems to be hiding from the world somewhat cowardly. The protagonist of the song searches all over, coming into contact with a number of unsavoury characters, all on top of a creeping start-stop rhythm and the voices of a gospel choir (who at one point (or two) struggle to keep up with Cave’s rambling, erupting into sudden laughter at their mistakes).

If the song seems a bit run-of-the-Bad-Seeds-mill for you at first, just keep listening. The climax of the song is worth it: the lyrics stumble upon the reason for God’s disappearance and the music reaches a noisy crescendo pushed along by the backing singers and the ‘promise’ of an incoming war as society has forgotten of the “law” that is love: “Some will live to love another day / And some of us won’t / But we all know there is a law / And that law, it is love / And we all know there’s a war coming / Coming from above – / There is a war coming / There is a war coming”.

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