Vinyl collection: Soundgarden’s Outshined

What’s new on my record shelf?

Soundgarden Outshined on 12" vinyl
“Outshined” by Soundgarden, 1992, A&M Records. 12″ vinyl record.

I fell in love with Soundgarden when I was 14, sometime in the mid 2000s. It was before YouTube, Wikipedia, all that. Band information and media came from fanpages, and you still had to buy albums to listen to them. “Outshined” was one of the first Soundgarden songs I’d heard – I had got into the band after seeing the music video for Black Hole Sun on Kerrang! TV, but soon found myself scouring the web for more music.

I found a collection of Soundgarden’s music videos on a fansite, or maybe it was MySpace Video. Outshined in comparison to “Black Hole Sun” was its grungier, edgier cousin. The music is heavy, but not in a screamy shouty way. Accessible. Chris Cornell’s voice really wailed, singing about being the overlooked underdog. I think a lot of us can relate.

This copy of the Outshined 12″ single was for sale on Depop of all places (Depop is like the Generation Z and later-Millennial version of eBay or Facebook marketplace), and it now sits safely with my other Soundgarden-related albums – Badmotorfinger, Euphoria Mourning, and the like.