Album Review: The X-Ray Cat Trio & “Out For Blood”

X-ray cat trio's out for blood album cover

“Out For Blood” (2015) / The X-Ray Cat Trio

The X-Ray Cat Trio are set for releasing their debut album “Out For Blood” this Hallowe’en. It’s a strange way to describe music, but this is a very classy sounding album: it’s smooth, suave, mature. It’s vintage styled, and with that sort of thing it’s very easy to go all gaudy and flashy but with Out For Blood the X-Ray Cat Trio are much more subtle. Influence is drawn from surf rock and rockabilly but it’s all pulled together with a mix from Tarantino’s jukebox (the latter comparison is particularly strong on the track “Rockero Fantasma”). The opener “Surfin Sasquatch” (a contender for the greatest song title award) is fun sounding, the use of theremin adding an interesting and unusual twist to the song whilst still keeping true to the classic surf rock sound of the 1960s.

Out For Blood is in keeping with the X-Ray Cat Trio’s previous release, the EP “Bloody Deeds”, with its slightly dark and vamp-ish feel. The songs often feel gloomy, with either some sort of sadness in the main melody line or a bit of a bad attitude thrown in too. “L’Hiver” is the best example of the more sad sounding songs on the album. Its name translates to “the winter”, and the song does indeed feel cold: the tapping drums are hollow sounding, the melody is slow and forlorn. On the opposite side of the scale, you have the bad attitude or moody songs, such as the album closer “When True Love Dies / The Pink Room”, a track that feels very much like something from the soundtrack to the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk With Me (with the weird backwards talking at the end that’s probably intentional). You can almost feel the song saying “fuck it” as it moves along towards the bitter end.

To celebrate the release of Out For Blood, The X-Ray Cat Trio are playing a gig at new venue Temple of Boom in Leeds on the 30th of October. Support comes from The Franceens, Girl Sweat and Zealous Doxy. More details can be found on Facebook here, or on the poster below.

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